Jobs at Sproost

Why you're probably here:

  • The economy has you thinking that you should just stay at your current job and not join a startup
  • You're too curious to stop checking what else is out there

What we're doing:

Building a recommendation engine alongside a perfect storm of social features. We're focused on home furnishings — not just the stuffy stuff, but the things that make you feel like a badass for living in your house.

Us — a team of four, looking for number five:

  • The business guy. Experienced at both startups and big companies, but knows which one he'll never do again. Not another blue shirt and khakis zombie.
  • The domain expert. One of those interior designers who can make magic in almost any setting. Knows how to translate the best parts of interior design onto the web.
  • The product guy. UX designer from Google who dreams in wireframes and widgets.
  • The coder. All-around web hacker who needs a partner-in-crime.
  • Based a block away from South Park in San Francisco


  • Senior or junior level — we're looking for both.
  • CS or Engineering degree, or maybe not.
  • Comfortable with both architecting and coding (but everyone here codes).
  • LAMP stack is child's play.
  • Surgical with Javascript and a love for jQuery.
  • Fantasizes about SQL and database-backed web applications.
  • Maybe more than a passing interest in machine learning.
  • Digs a well-designed home and either has one or wants one.

You + Us:

We're looking for a teammate who can contribute to our (collective) vision, and who's flexible enough to deal with the fits and starts of tight iterative loops as we hone our product into something people love to use.

Why work with us instead of Frobazzr or MyiPhoneTripOdometer?

  • We're small enough that you'd still be building out much of the core infrastructure, but far enough along that you won't spin your wheels while we argue vision and kill each other with buzzwords.
  • We work hard, but everyone has a good work-life balance.
  • We have a real, honest-to-god, vetted business plan. No 'get eyeballs and monetize later' here, good sir.
  • We're in a fun space - we help people design spaces they love to live in.

The product:

We've already built the first version of Sproost, we have customers using it, and we're looking to take it to the next level. We'd love to show you our plans to do that, and we'd love to hear how you could help us. We need your PHP, Javascript, MySQL and all around programming badassness. We're a very small team so you'd make an instant impact.

Still reading?

Then the code phrase is 'Hiphopopotamus, my rhymes are bottomless'. Just kidding. Email us a little about yourself — a resume and a sentence or two about why you're interested is enough. Or URLs to what you've worked on (and what you did). Even better: a code sample you're proud of. We'll save the coding challenges for later (though there will be coding challenges).

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