Delight in Black and White

Happy Monday to all! We thought we’d continue on with designs that show you how to accent a room with color. Today, we are featuring Black & White combinations. It’s classic, it’s chic, it’s fun, and it’s really easy to find great black and white pieces that will fit your style.

First, we have a minimalist kitchen/dining room area from the Style Files. It’s clean and I love the metallic chairs. You can find black chandeliers or you can spray paint one and achieve the same look:

black & white house in florence, italy from the style files by Danielle

white space

Next we have a cool office space by Design is Mine. Without a ton of color in the room for distraction, you can really focus on your work:

black and white beauties... from design is mine isn't it lovely by Summerwhite space

Here’s another kitchen/dining room area. I think this room works not only for the black and white, but also because of the huge windows. If this room didn’t have the windows, I think it might feel too sterile but I like bringing the outdoors in and the flowers on the table is a nice touch:

Black and white from Purple Area by purplewhite space

Who knew Bessie would make such a great couch? This room by Alex Ion features a contemporary black and white palate:

Black and White Classic style integrated with contemporary design from Interior Design Home and House Design Furniture by Alex Ion

white space

This is a great entryway from Apartment Therapy. It just looks so regal:

Color Inspiration The Softer Side of Black and White from Apartment Therapy DC by Leah Moss

white space

The Swedes sure have a way with design. At Purple Area, the designer wanted a clean, rustic look. I think they did it:

En mysig värld av fårskinn from Purple Area by purple area

white space

This is a modern corporate look, also by Purple Area. I feel the need to spin around in those chairs:

Fjärilar på väggarna from Purple Area by purple area

white space

This room, by Simple Lovely, is a nice combination of patterns and textures. Can you picture a room in your house where you could experiment with black and white accessories and furniture?

Guilty as Charged… from Simple Lovely by Joslyn

white space

This modern dining area could be elegant or casual depending on how you dress it up or down:

interior inspiration  black and white. from design is mine  isn't it lovely by Summer 2

white space

I can’t decide if this is a cool school cafeteria or a strangely shaped room in a house, either way, I like it. Thanks, Design is Mine:

interior inspiration  black and white. from design is mine  isn't it lovely by Summer

white space

Desire to Inspire featured this amazing kitchen and I’m in love. Not only does it have built-in cabinets and gorgeous wood floors, I bet somewhere in this house, there’s something with a zebra print. This technically isn’t true black and white, it’s white and dark brown but it’s close, so just deal with it:

Kitchen into Dining Room

white space

Here’s another room from Desire to Inspire. Have you ever thought about painting an accent wall black? Well why not? It looks great especially if you have white or lighter furniture:

Moris Moreno from desire to inspire by kim

white space

This is what a Scandinavian kitchen looks like, according to the Kitchen Designer.  I can tell you one thing—they certainly don’t have cats.  I see no paw prints:

Scandinavian Kitchens - Black & White 2 from The Kitchen Designer by Susan Serra

white space

This living room is by Purple Area and has a lot of great pieces. I like the different drapes and I also really like those chairs. Very cool. By the way, have you noticed that many of these black and white rooms use light green flowers or plants as accessories? You might want to make a note of that.

Se och lär av Designers Guild from Purple Area by purple area

white space

I’m ready for my close-up. Just let me slowly walk down these stairs in my fancy dress while all eyes are on me. (Don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip.) Thanks to Material Girls for this picture:

Seeing in Black & White from Material Girls Blog by Jill - LA

white space

Yet another great room by Purple Area. It’s open, it’s comfortable, and it’s simple. What more could you want in a room?

Svart och vitt i Lomma from Purple Area by purple area

white space

If you have metal stairs in your home, black is a great color. Hides stains, looks great, and if you really wanted to overhaul your place, you could repaint them:

Svarta kontraster hos Sia from Purple Area by purple areawhite space

Ah, at last…a relaxing bedroom from Coco + Kelley. No clutter, no craziness, just a perfect little place to help you drift off to sleep:

Swedish Love in Black+White from coco+kelley by cassandra @ coco+kelley


Accent colors: Orange!

Yesterday as I was sitting in my garden I was thinking about how lovely my orange tiger lilies are. They’re mixed in with red and pink roses, purple coneflower, and a few weeds because I’m lazy. But the orange stands out so much it made me think about how in a room, one color can be used as an accent that really makes the whole room light up. So, in honor of tiger lilies, we’re posting some great pictures of rooms with orange as an accent color.

While some of you may not even like the color orange, I bet you’ll be surprised at how great it looks when used correctly. Enjoy!

white space

This room from Apartment Therapy uses a pastel orange and it really works great with the pale lavender. The puppy approved:

5 Ways to Use Pastels Successfully from Apartment Therapy Chicago by Janel Labanwhite spaceAnother great room by Apartment Therapy uses an orange art deco chair to add color:

Before & After- Liz's Apartment by Furbish Design from Apartment Therapy San Francisco by Susie Nadler

white spaceOhdeedoh knows that orange and blue (and green) are huge trends in baby rooms right now. This room looks fun and clean…until you place a baby in the room, then it’s just fun:

Color Combination- Blue + Orange Revisited from ohdeedoh by Janie Lee
white spaceI would have never thought to paint a front door orange but with the deep gray bricks and the bright white trim, it really works:
Flickr Finds- OrangeDoor's Fabulous Front Porch from Apartment Therapy DC by Colleen Quinnwhite spaceHere’s a great idea from The Kitchen Designer. The orange seat cushions blend nicely with the blinds and the wood tones in the room:

It's Complicated - The Kitchen & Traditional Home from The Kitchen Designer by Susan Serra, CKD

white spaceIn this kitchen by Patricia Gray, orange paint is used beneath a glass backsplash for a bright and clean look. It really brings out the wood tones in the cabinets:

Making Orange Work with Sherwin-Williams Paint from Patricia Gray Interior Design by Patricia Graywhite spaceUsing darker shades in a bedroom makes it feel cozy. Check out those high ceilings! Thanks to Habitually Chic for this great find:

Melbourne Magic! from Habitually Chic by Habitually Chicwhite spaceAnother cute baby room, another happy baby. We found this one at Ohdeedoh (they know baby rooms) and again we have the orange, green, and blue together:

Ohdeedoh Kids' Color Contest Entry #46- An Aviary for Baby Avery from ohdeedoh by carriewhite spaceThese next two pictures are from Material Girls. What a great combination of colors! I love that they used zebra print with orange:

Orange + Black from Material Girls Blog by Jill - LAwhite spaceAnd while this color looks great in this entryway, what I like best about this room is how they’ve painted the angles black as well…it looks like one giant picture frame. Very cool:

Orange + Black from Material Girls Blog by Jill - LA2white spaceThis cute room by Design Sponge would be a great idea for a teen or a child. I also like the way they’ve framed fabric over the bed. That can be changed out easily:

sneak peek- lola et moi from Design*Sponge by annewhite spaceIt looks like a little girl’s bathroom but I’d take it! Thanks to 6th Street Design School:

Superneutrals from 6th Street Design School- Virtual Easter Basket by Kirsten Krasonwhite spaceThese two rooms from Apartment Therapy show how you can use pink and orange together:

Vibrant Pink & Orange from Apartment Therapy Main by Sparrow Kingwhite spaceThe cut-out wall is just plain cool:

Vibrant Pink & Orange from Apartment Therapy Main by Sparrow King2
white spaceAnother hip kitchen by Van Patterson Design. All you need is some cool chairs, a few antlers, and you’ve got a great room for entertaining:


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