Sproost is Green with Envy

The weekend is here! And just what are you going to do about it? I, for one, am going to do a whole lot of nothing and just relax. I advise you to do the same. And what better color to get you in the mood for that than green?

One of the things I love about green is that there are so many shades to choose from. This living room uses more or a yellow green to liven up the walls. This one is from Absolutely Beautiful.

Bed of Flowers from absolutely beautiful things by Anna Spiro

Now here’s a cool bathroom. Also from Design Crisis, the dark green tiles on top mixed with the black and white checkerboard floor adds some modern hipness and it looks very clean and chic.

Ask Sanders- Kristin’s Green Bedroom from Design Crisis by erin

If you want to add an accent wall, green is a great choice for that. And what’s up with the feather light fixtures? I wonder how often those have to be dusted…

Color Close-up- Kelly Green from Apartment Therapy Chicago by Sarah Coffey

Green means clean! At least in this bathroom from Apartment Therapy. Clean, functional, happy, perfect.

Color Combo- A Variety of Greens from Apartment Therapy Los Angeles by grace

Of course, you can use smaller accent pieces if you don’t want to go all out with green. Here there are several shades used and they’re placed throughout the room so the whole space really comes together. Thanks to Decorology for this one.

Decorating with green - rooms that do it well from decorology by noreply@blogger.com (Ashley)2

Have some fun with your front door. This great color would go well with a cottage style home and you could easily swap out accessories year-round to compliment it. At Christmas, this door would look lovely with a large wreath on it.

Decorating with green - rooms that do it well from decorology by noreply@blogger.com (Ashley)

Orange and green go well together so if you just don’t know what other colors to add to your design, here’s a great idea from Modern Design.

Green with Envy for the 2008 Design Trends from Modern Design Blog by CSN Editor

Ahh…another soothing bedroom. Here, they’ve paired greens with browns and tans to make a cozy retreat. You’re sure to smile when you wake up in this room.


LOVE. Love this dining space. The green in the picture frames looks amazing against the light blue ceiling. Come to think of it, I might try that in my own kitchen. Thanks to Chicago Home Magazine for this awesome find.


Would you like to have some fresh lemonade while you sit on the back porch and watch the kids play in the sprinklers? Why, yes. I’d love some. (I’m sure this is the conversation that took place here.) Country Living at it’s best!


Here’s another great eating space from Real Simple. The dishes and rug are similar shades of green and see how they’ve used both orange (flowers) and brown (chairs and floor) with the green.


So if you’re wondering why so many of these spaces are eating areas, it’s because green is often associated with food, family, and relaxation. Plus, it just lends a clean look to any area. This space by Decor8 has matching chairs and light fixtures. Accents in blue. Good call.

Jonathan Adler & Liz Lange from decor8 by decor8

This room from 6th Street Design School is called Luck of the Irish. Pretty cool.

Luck of the Irish from 6th Street Design School- Virtual Easter Basket by Kirsten Sue

What in the world do you do with a large open room and white paint? Accessorize using colors and patterns. This sitting area uses a lot of patterns in a small space but they all work well together so don’t worry about only having 1 pattern in a room.

Melbourne Magic! from Habitually Chic by Habitually Chic

This nifty living room by Jackie Blue Home uses an apple green on the walls and accessories. You could easily fill those shelves with a number of colorful accessories and it would look just as put together.

New Blogs for the New Year from Jackie Blue Home by Jackie Von Tobel

Olive is a perfectly acceptable color and quite necessary for your dirty Martini. Just ask Coco + Kelley.

Olive It from coco+kelley by cassandra @ coco+kelley

This is how Black.White.Yellow. does green. Nice, huh?

Pal + Smith by Jessica Black.white.yellow2

If you are more of a subtle type, Coco + Kelley can show you how to tone it down a bit. Here, a lampshade and a picture are the only elements of green besides the flowers, which you can change out whenever you’d like.

Room of the Week 6.12 from coco+kelley by coco+kelley

Another from Black.White.Yellow. Nope, it’s not Astroturf…at least I don’t think so. It looks like you could easily fool your tootsies into thinking the rug is a patch of soft grass.

Turn This Room Into an Outfit from Kenzi Poo... from {BLACK. WHITE. YELLOW.} by Jessica 2

I really want those drapes. And I’ll tell you why. When you are on vacation anywhere near the tropics and you’re checking out all of the wilderness and jungles and rainforests, you will ALWAYS find gorgeous plants with huge leaves this same exact color and if you’re lucky, you’ll also find wild orchids nearby.


So, we will conclude today’s time together with these words: Weekend. Relax. Cold beverage. Mini-vacation. There…now don’t you feel better already?


Going Gold

We’re feeling a little flashy today so we’re going to show you how you can decorate with golden tones. Now before you wince…we’re not talking about extravagant rooms filled with 24-karat gold leaf furnishings…that’s a bit much, don’t you think? Instead, we want to show you some ways that you can incorporate gold into your room in small, subtle ways. Remember, a little gold goes a long way. Just ask your wife.

This first room by Apartment Therapy uses gold and brass accents in the kitchen. It’s just enough to add that shine and draw the eye to the light fixture.

Accents of Gold and Brass from Apartment Therapy New York2

Another room by Apartment therapy uses one gold ottoman as an accent piece under the brass chandelier.

Accents of Gold and Brass from Apartment Therapy New York

You can find a number of mirrors and wall art that would work well in this space but I especially like the bursts of smaller mirrors here.

Gold Room Accents from Apartment Therapy Main by alex

Decorology does a bold gold wall painting here. The metallic paint reflects the light really well in the space.

Gorgeous European Interiors from decorology

One of the easiest ways to use gold is in picture frames and accessories such as candlesticks. When collecting frames and accessories for groupings like this, the key is to have similar tones but different designs and sizes.

Inspired By… from decor8 by decor8

Here’s a cool way to display gold-edged books. This room from Cote de Texas uses gold in most every area of this room but it’s not overpowering at all. Instead, it makes it all coherent and gives the eye several different spaces to discover.

J. Randall Powers - Houston's Finest from COTE DE TEXAS copy

What if you don’t like gold? Well, you can use golden tones such as the couch and rug without using the bright yellow gold. Muted gold tones also work really well with brass accessories and dark woods.

Living Etc. SUMPTUOUS RETREAT March 2008

Don’t have any gold accessories on hand? Do it yourself! Find a great table or chair at a flea market or yard sale and give it a few coats of paint…voila! You get the look of luxury without the price tag. Coco & Kelley found this table for a great price at urban outfitters and with a little gold paint it will be a perfect replica of the beautiful side table in this inspiring picture!

ON THE SIDE from coco+kelley by cassandra

This dining room from Cote de Texas uses a sideboard and a few gold-rimmed glass lanterns and goblets to give this space a little shine.

Pink House, Part III from COTE DE TEXAS2 copy

Bright golden picture frames above this bed really make the space feel open and fun. Also, you may notice that when you use the brighter golden tones in decor, you can easily pair them with brighter colors such as reds and purples. Thanks to Coco + Kelley.

Red in the Bed(room) from coco+kelley by cassandra

Another room by Coco + Kelley uses gold hardware on the furniture and one golden accessory over the window. This is such a calming bedroom!

ROOM OF THE WEEK 2.25 from coco+kelley by cassandra

So, where’s the gold? If you look closely, there are golden tones throughout this room. The table of the left has a golden design, the carpet has neutral and golden tones, and I believe the ceiling even has a slight muted metallic sheen. Very classy.

Room of the Week 11.12 from coco+kelley

Ok, this one is more obvious and you can do that if you have open spaces like this. I really like how the gold winds through different areas and is repeated again on the ceiling. The reason this works so well is that there aren’t any other bright areas of color used. If there were, they’d be competing and it wouldn’t look so clean. These two pictures are from Design Milk.

SANTPERE47 in Spain by Miel Arquitectos from Design Milk2

SANTPERE47 in Spain by Miel Arquitectos from Design Milk

This intimate dining space from Coco + Kelley use gold in the lighting fixtures. Just imagine what the room would look like if the pendant lights were another color, such as black or gray…it would look drab and the gray walls would be overpowering. Just a little gold can really change the feel of any space.

Swooning for Studio Ilse's Neutral Metallics from coco+kelley


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