A Blue Hue

Did you miss us? We missed you! It’s been a crazy month here at Sproost. Crazy. And now that we’re slightly more coherent, we’d like to offer you the soothing palate of blues. Imagine blue skies and blue water. Put on some smooth music, turn off the cell phone (yes, I sad it), put on your most comfortable pair of pants, and chill out. Repeat when necessary.

This first room is wonderfully soothing. The varied shades of blues work well and don’t compete for attention. Thanks to Material Girls for this bedroom.

And the Winner Is… from Material Girls Blog by Julia -Chicago

What about adding a little pizazz in your hallway? This image from Absolutely Beautiful Things is a great idea of how you can use blue as an accent color.

Bed of Flowers from absolutely beautiful things by Anna Spiro

Black, white, and turquoise. From BLACK. WHITE. YELLOW. Easy enough to remember. This is a fun room and I really love how they’ve repeated the blue in furniture, accessories, and the drapes.

Black, White, and Turquoise from {BLACK. WHITE. YELLOW.} by Jessica

Apartment Therapy has an ultra modern kitchen here. Cobalt blue floors certainly make a statement in this residence in New York.

Blue Kitchen Floor by Elmslie Osler from Apartment Therapy New York by Regina Yunghans

Here’s another room by Apartment therapy but the blue is much more subtle. From this angle, this office wall could be mistaken for gray or even black…but it’s actually a blue-patterned wallpaper. Pretty cool huh?

Color Combo- Blue and White Prints and Patterns from Apartment Therapy Chicago by sarahc

This fantastic room is from Centsational Girl. The deep blue walls add rich color and the red couch is just the perfect centerpiece.

Color Spotlight- Orange with Blue from Centsational Girl by CentsationalGirl

Dear Apartment therapy, I want this couch. Now. It looks great with the yellow pillows, too.

Fricke'n Pretty Home Sydney from Apartment Therapy Los Angeles by Jenny Butler

Green is often a popular color for painting your kitchen but more and more, I’ve seen blue used and I think it looks so clean and also adds personality to the space. Food should be fun anyway. Courtesy of Young House Love.

Look & Learn- Signature Tables + Jumbo Lighting from Young House Love by Sherry

What a cool girls room! Since the majority of the room is covered in neutrals, you can easily change out the bedding, furniture, and artwork to grow with the little girl from childhood, to teen years, to college, until you kick her out, and then when she moves back in after a few years of having a real job, and takes a part-time gig at Starbucks so she can “find herself.”

Modern Interior Design by Reese-Roberts from Interior Design, Home & House Design Furniture by Alex Ion

This room by Design Crisis seems a bit dark, but it works because the ceilings are high and there’s a big window in the room. Otherwise it might feel cramped. Note here, as in many of the other rooms, that the accent color is yellow. You can do this!

More Yves Klein Sightings from Design Crisis by erin

Here we have a nice, spacious room with oversized furniture. They’ve used the same shade of blue throughout and it gives the large space some continuity. Also by Design Crisis.

More Yves Klein Sightings from Design Crisis by erin2

Easy colors, casual style. Blue looks great with brown, green, yellow, and white.

Ode to My Deco- Turquoise. from sfgirlbybay by sfgirlbybay

How’s this for a bold statement? If you have been thinking about painting an accent wall but you’re not sure what color, take note. With the black and white furniture and pictures, it’s perfect as a colorful backdrop.


Here’s a fun breakfast nook from Apartment Therapy. With the patterned flooring, the seating, and the artwork, it’s a perfect place for coffee and a morning paper.

Turquoise and Blue in A Kitchen from Apartment Therapy San Francisco by Monika2

Ahh…another serene bedroom. And this one uses a next technique for bringing color into the space. By continuing the wall design onto the ceiling, it feels as though the room is wrapped in soft color. Thanks to Patricia Gray Interior Design.

Turquoise Aquamarine from Patricia Gray Interior Design by Patricia Gray2

This colorful door really livens up the entryway. If the door were white…what would your eye be drawn to? The mirror? The plants outside? The rug? I think the door makes the space seem more lived in and inviting.

Turquoise Aquamarine from Patricia Gray Interior Design by Patricia Gray

Turquoise in a bedroom can feel regal, exotic, creative, and calming. This room uses just the right amount of color. Do you have blue in your bedroom? Thanks to Design Track Mind for this gem.

Turquoise!!! from Design Track Mind by Melissa



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    You should also check out the classic Room 606 at the Royal SAS Hotel in Copenhagen. The entire facility from architecture to silverware was designed by Arne Jacobsen. http://www.fourspace.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/room-606.jpg

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    Furniture are classy and well organize. Color combination too is superb and cool. Nice one to relax in.

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    Furniture are nice and classy. Color and its combination is superb as well. Great to relax in.

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    I haven’t seen any recent posts. Are you still blogging?

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