Design Your Style: Vintage Modern

This week we’re mixing things up a bit (because we’re cool like that) and we’re bringing you another awesome installment of “Design Your Style,” the glorious segment where we showcase a specific style and show you lots of cool ways to incorporate it into your home.

Remember to take the online quiz to see what style suits you best and if you want a recap of the ones we’ve already covered, click here.

apartment therapy 8 Parisian Apartments That Inspire

Flea Market anyone? You know you are drawn to modern furniture and interiors, and yet you really don’t like a space that feels cold and sterile. This first room by Apartment Therapy is anything but sterile.

Apartment therapy Roundup Midwestern Fireplaces

And who could blame you? And that’s why Vintage Modern is so appealing to you. You get to mix the old with the new, like in this hip living:

apt therapy 10-16-nolita-penthouse-5

Though the backdrop of the room, the walls and windows, are many times white or monochromatic, the furniture and accessories have the color, shape and texture to bring the warmth into the space. This room has all three and it really stands out against the neutral wall color.

apt therapy Inside 10 Brooklyn Homes

The great thing about Vintage Modern is ease of mixing different styles in the one space. With this room in Australia, you have the modern coffee table and flooring mixed with the retro look of the larger furniture. And it works great!

apt therapy Revisiting the Best of Australia India2

What’s great is that even if you don’t have time for swap meets and garage sales, so many of the pieces from the mid-century were so great that they have been remade and mimicked year after year. In this sitting area, the chairs are a throwback to the 1950s era but with modern fabric.

Apt therapy Roundup of the 2009 Fall MAK Architecture Tour

The other great thing about Vintage Modern is how low maintenance it can be—fabrics such as cotton, microfiber or ultra-suede and leather all look great and function even better. This gray-toned room is full of soft and smooth textures—all low maintenance.

Conversational Living Rooms from Apartment Therapy Chicago by Sarah Coffey

You can have a fun leather sofa mixed with mismatched retro chairs and the new and old work and appear as though they were destined for each other.

decor8 lori andrews

When it comes to color, walls are seen as backdrops for the room. This light wall showcases the animal theme. I would definitely not jump up and down on that couch.

decorology juxtaposed ARCH_DW1107_SGL_05-1

Because the style harkens back to the early twentieth century, the innovative developed during that time are very popular: acrylic, plastic and fiberglass, chrome and steel, and molded plywood.  This room from Decorology showcases seating in all types of materials.

decorology Making an open floor-plan feel lived in main-6

Neutral tones of gray, white, beige and brown are very common and black is a common accent color. This room from Skonahem uses the darker shades in wall color and furnishings but because the ceiling and wainscoting is a bright white, the room still looks light and open.

sconahem swan chairs

Pops of color on the art, furniture and accessories can vary dramatically based on the person, however very common colors are teal blues, army greens, and yellow, as well as deep oranges and bright reds. This room, also from Skonahem, uses orange and red as accent colors.

skonahem2 Samlad stil i citypärlan

So whether you are having a cocktail party with friends, or kids are in the picture, the room and the furnishings can handle it. And with all these awesome vintage findings, who wouldn’t want to have a cocktail party here?

Trending- Vintage "Finds" with Stan Williams from Apartment Therapy Los Angeles by gregory

Concrete floors, countertops, and furniture are also very popular and lacquered finishes are very common. You’ll often see lacquered woods in flooring and furniture.

Before & After, The Brick House and More Los Angeles Hot Posts for 2.21.2010 from Apartment Therapy Los Angeles by Gregory Han 1

So now that we’ve given you some ideas…go make it happen in your house!


Think Pink! (And Save the Ta-Tas.)

You’re probably all aware that October is breast cancer awareness month. And I hope that even if you don’t care for pink, you’re sporting it proudly in your outfits, accessories, homes, and offices. More than likely, you know someone who has been affected by breast cancer (women and men of all ages are diagnosed with breast cancer every day), and while there’s not a cure yet, each day we’re one step closer to eradicating this disease. For more information on preventative screenings, research, and to learn how you can help in the fight against breast cancer, please visit Susan G. Komen for the Cure at

And now back to your regularly scheduled program. PINK! No, it doesn’t have to be a particular shade. In this room by Ronique Gibson, just a few touches of a purplish-pink do the trick.

10 Home Staging Tricks to Help Your Home Sell Quicker from Interior Design, Home & House Design, Furniture by RoniqueGibson

If you have girls, using pink is easy in your designs. Just let your creativity flow like this pink and red tee-pee. It’s the perfect place for reading.

A Happy House and A Good Reminder (for me) from Simple Lovely by (Joslyn)

This room from Cool Hunting isn’t shy about pink. Or about the lighting. Check out the awesome light fixtures.

American Fashion Designers at Home from Cool Hunting by Anna Carnick

It’s not Barbie’s house but it could be yours. This pretty pink kitchen is from 6th Street Design School. Jealous much?

Beach House Bliss from 6th Street Design School- Virtual Easter Basket by Kirsten Krason2 copy

Pink is most associated with the feminine mystique and all the wonderful things that go along with that but it’s also associated with romance, charm, a playful nature, and strength. Sounds like a great reason to use pink in your bedroom. Thanks, Design Sponge.

best of- bedrooms (part two) from Design*Sponge by grace

Ok, so I admit I’m not a huge fan of pink (hold your tomatoes). It’s because I wore it so much when I was little that I think I overdosed (think of hot pink and neon green shirts complete with stirrup pants and side ponytail). But I would totally steal this door.

Colorful Entry Doors- Yellow, Blue, Pink, Green & Purple Inspiration Roundup from Apartment Therapy Los Angeles by Marcia Prentice

A little pink in your workspace makes it fun and you can’t possibly be in a bad mood when you sit on this pink bench…or that yellow chair. Instant no-pout zone thanks to Décor8.

decor8 Heidi Lerkenfeldt

The great peeps at Design Milk showcased this Spanish room and I think the stripes of color on the ceiling is a great way to bring some personality to a large open room.

Dwelling in Pozuelo de Alarcón in Spain by A-cero from Design Milk by Jaime

I would have stolen a truck-load of Girl Scout cookies when I was 8 to have this room. I can just imagine the pajama parties. Not a safe feather pillow in the house.

freshome Mind Blowing Building Facade - Kiefer Technic Showroom »« Simone Micheli’s Shift Chair Beautiful Little Girls Bedroom with a Fairy-tale Ambiance

Gray, Pink, and Yellow…a good combination for the more sophisticated designer.

Glamorous greys and other gorgeous decorating ideas... from decorology by Ashley

Spiral staircase of joy, courtesy Apartment Therapy. My question is…how many calories do you think you could burn running up and down this for 15 minutes? Totally worth it.

Hot Pink Punch from Apartment Therapy DC by Leah Moss

Here’s another fun table from Design Crisis. I also really like the blue lamp. Fun!

I Really Love My… from Design Crisis by erin

It’s oh-so-subtle but I love the light pink shades of the wall and chair.

living in the pink. from sfgirlbybay by victoria

Here’s a great idea if you just don’t want to paint an entire room pink (and good for your for not succumbing to the begging). Use pink for furniture and bedding. She’ll probably change her mind next year and want purple anyway.

Lotus Bleu from 6th Street Design School- Virtual Easter Basket by Kirsten Krason

Yes, this is a kindergarten. Yes, I would love to ride a tricycle right now.

Bonnard Woeffray Architectes from Arch Daily by Nico Saieh

Chic and sleek. I like the pink against the salmon-colored wall. It’s feminine but the clean lines and limited patterns make the room seem larger than it is.

Ode to My Deco- In the Pink! from sfgirlbybay by sfgirlbybay2

A few hints of pink against a classy white backdrop and voila! You have a cool sitting room from Cote de Texas.

Pink House, Part III from COTE DE TEXAS 2 copy

This lovely bedroom is from Katiedid. Stripes are pretty easy to paint if you have enough tape and patience.

Pink Projects from katiedid by katiedid

Darker pink legs liven this space up. Cute little eat-in area from Apartment Therapy.

Pretty In Pink- It's Not So Bad After All from Apartment Therapy DC by Kristen Lubbe

This summer house is easy as can be to decorate. Just change the accent pillows and a few accessories around and you’re ready for any season.

Serene Summer House in White, Pink and Blue from Interior Design, Home & House Design, Furniture by Lavinia

Feel like being bold? What about a deep pink? It works great with brown and black.

sneak peek best of- bedrooms (part 3) from Design*Sponge by grace

Here’s another examples of how a few accessories can really stand out in a larger room.

Start Me Up from The Estate Of Things by Sarah

Very cool chairs. And I bet they’re really comfortable, too.

Strong Modernism with a Pinch of Colour by The Apartment from Interior Design, Home & House Design, Furniture by Adriana

A bright note to end on: an orange and pink bedroom by Apartment Therapy. It’s so happy, you wouldn’t even mind your kids jumping on the bed.

Vibrant Pink & Orange from Apartment Therapy Main by Sparrow King

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s splash of pink! Remember that you can make a difference in the fight against breast cancer by helping with fundraising, donating, purchasing pink ribbon products, or simply showing your support by wearing pink.


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